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Even though increasing evidence points to bribing of a key member of the EU when it comes to vaporizers regulation, lawmakers are still discussing whether or not they should ban vaporizers cartridges. As with so many other things, your voice as a concerned citizen is always every bit as important as anything else lawmakers will take into consideration.

Therefore, as you get informed about this issue, you may want to write letters to lawmakers as well as start petitions aimed at making sure lawmakers understand how you feel about this type of ban. While you are at these activities, it is also very important to make sure that lawmakers place increasing attention on Polonium 110 and its role in cancer deaths for primary and second hand smokers.

Why is the European Union Planning to Ban Vaporizers?

Essentially, the EU is planning to ban electronic vaporizer devices and vaporizers cartridges because on man on a specific counsel may have been bribed by the tobacco industry. This man, Dahl, may have deliberately edited reports and falsified other information to ensure people cannot buy premium vaporizers devices let alone buy electronic vaporizer at all.

In the meantime, Dahl says nothing about the fact that:
Tobacco growers and vaporizer manufacturers have known about the presence of Polonium 110 in their products since the 1960s.
In all these years, they have not stopped using phosphate based fertilizers and growing fields where tobacco plants absorb more Polonium 110 than ever before
This radioactive substance is so dangerous, it can be used as a regular poison
Over 11,000 people die each year because of radiation cancers caused by Polonium 110
Vaporizers do not contain Polonium 110
At the current time, smoking a pack of vaporizers each day is the equivalent of taking 3000 chest xrays in one year in terms of radiation exposure.
Polonium 110 levels exceed normal background radiation levels

How Will the Ban Affect vaporizers Users?
As you read an vaporizer review, you may be upset to find that buying this device and associated cartridges will no longer be possible in the EU. Some other lawmakers are also considering requesting a reduction in nicotine percentages in fluids.

In this case, the amount of nicotine in each cartridge will be so small there will be no way for these devices to take the place of conventional vaporizers. In most cases, it can be said that regulating Vaporizers will reduce availability as well as the satisfaction consumers get from using them.

Is the Ban Likely to go Through?

Typically, when people ask this question, they do not realize that the answer lies within themselves. At each moment, they can easily start a petition, write a letter to lawmakers, or make a phone call to make their wishes known. Once that is done, concerned citizens can begin to educate others and inspire them to contact lawmakers. No matter how you look at it, lawmakers are there to serve your needs and interests. Therefore, if you truly don’t want to see this ban go through, you should begin taking steps to make sure politicians are aware of your position.


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